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Top and Most subscribed youtube channels List

# Youtube channel name Youtube subscribers count Youtube channel link
1 T-Series 237 Million channel link
2 Cocomelon 155 Million channel link
3 SET India 152 Million channel link
4 MrBeast 135 Million channel link
5 PewDiePie 111 Million channel link
6 Kids Diana Show 108 Million channel link
7 Like Nastya 104 Million channel link
8 Vlad and Niki 94.1 Million channel link
9 WWE 93.6 Million channel link
10 Zee Music Company 92.8 Million channel link

Top Youtube channels


The T-Series channel has been associated with the music industry since 2006, with 18K videos uploaded on YouTube as of March 2023. It is a popular YouTube channel that features music videos and film trailers from the Indian film industry, and it currently has 237 million subscribers, it the most subscribed channel on YouTube.


Cocomelon is a popular YouTube channel that features 3D animation videos of nursery rhymes and children’s songs. The channel was created in 2006 and has since amassed over 155 million subscribers, with 867 videos uploaded as of March 2023. It is currently the second-highest subscribed YouTube channel.

Sony Entertainment Television

Sony Entertainment Television is a popular Indian Hindi-language general entertainment channel that includes dramas, comedies, reality shows, and game shows. As of March 2023, it has over 152 million subscribers and 106,000 videos uploaded.


Frequently asked questions

Who has the most subscribers on youtube?

   T-Series is a popular YouTube channel. The channel has the most subscribers on YouTube, currently at 237 million subscribers as of February 2023.

What are the most subscribed YouTube channels?

The top ten most subscribed YouTube channels are T-Series, Cocomelon, SET India, Mr Beast, PewDiePie, Kids Diana Show, Like Nastya, Vlad and Niki, WWE, and Zee Music Company.

Who has the most subscribers on youtube in 2023?

T-Series currently holds the record for the most subscribers on YouTube, with approximately 237 million subscribers

How many subscribers does mrbeast have?

MrBeast’s channel has 135 million subscribers

How many subscribers does pewdiepie have?

PewDiePie’s channel has 111 million subscribers

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