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Legit Ways To Make Money Online 2023

A famous quote by George Carlin Says “Most people work just hard enough not to get fired and get paid just enough money not to quit”. It’s true many people in the world work the whole day, and have no time to make money because working hard may not pay you enough, rather working smart will make you earn more money. Those for whom a monthly salary is not sufficient to lead a happy life can have the opportunity to make money on the internet with their phone or PC .

You can earn money online now,and for many, there is no investment. Having an extra income ensures more financial freedom and releases you from burden. People have to work smart to utilize the opportunities provided online from home. But the tricky question that arises is where to invest your time.

In today’s world, rising inflation causes people to earn more money by spending extra hours either online or offline. Rather than offline, it is easy to win money online by spending quality time on the internet using a mobile or PC. Being at home, and spending some leisure hours working online will enhance your income and can easily satisfy the raising needs through this extra income without any issues. These days more jobs across different sectors are available online.

Anyone can earn money easily online by using a high-speed internet connection and creative skills. Due to the ‘Digital India scheme launched by the government, everything is accessible using a single click on a mobile like paying bills, transferring money, and booking tickets, So everyone has mobile phones and the internet. Whoever wants to earn extra income can easily use their creative skills from home with zero investment. Housewives, employees, students, retired people, part-time job holders, etc. can happily earn a comfortable living online.

Benefits of Working Online:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Earn money on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis
  • Suitable to anyone
  • Mostly no need for the desired qualification
  • No travel expenses.
  • Work from home.

10 Legit Ways To Make Money Online 

1. Youtuber


Youtube is an American online video-sharing and social media platform. It is owned by Google, and is the second most visited website, after a google search. The app will be available by default on any mobile and PC. Anyone can watch and like videos and subscribe to channels with a google account. So to earn money people can create a youtube channel using a google account to upload creative videos based on the needs of the current trend. Videos can be related to cooking, stitching, creative arts, current affairs, or medical anything. You can make money through these videos only if you have many subscribers and views. On average YouTubers earn between $3 and $5 per thousand video views.

During Lockdown in Covid 19, many people created youtube channels to earn extra money. There are so many youtube channels these days.

To become successful as a YouTuber

  • you should figure out what the audience wants
  • customize your thumbnails,
  • Provide creative videos
  • Create videos based on most google searches
  • Run a contest or giveaway

2. Online tutor

Online tutor

      Anyone with a specialization in a particular subject can teach online tutoring lessons. Most of the parents are ready to offer a job as a tutor to help their children in academics and competitive exam preparation. There are so many websites where you can easily fill your profile and get your desired subject taught at your convenience. Based on the subject and your experience you have a chance to fix your salary hourly base or monthly base. Highly personalized people can approach Edu-tech companies like BYJU’S, Vedantu, Adda247, etc., to earn a decent income with less burden. You can even create your channel and create videos to teach your subscribers and earn money from internet. Online, you can work for international companies also to teach your expertise subject.

3. Create a blog

Blog creation

   People with the creative knowledge and writing skills can easily choose a career as a blogger to generate income by creating their blog. This is the best place to express your views and establish thoughts. First, you have to know your area of interest to write a blog about food recipes, cosmetics reviews, arts and crafts, reviews on movies, famous food areas, travel places, traditions and culture, etc.

In many areas, people are not aware of their own culture and customs, not know more about health and fitness management. Through blogs, you can educate people in many ways which leads to a healthy environment. You can start writing about your areas of concern on famous blogging websites like Zyro,, SquareSpace, Blogger, etc. Once you reach a specified view count you can earn more money through ads and collaboration. But if you create your site and start a blog you only have total control over all.

4.  Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs

   Making money online is quick and easy in many ways, one among them being data entry jobs. Data entry is nothing but transferring data from paper formats into computer files or database systems. People who have a computer, and knowledge of Excel and other Microsoft tools can do this job online either part-time or full-time based on your convenience. You just need to register on a trusted site and you will be offered a data entry job from companies worldwide. Be sure of the legitimacy of the website you are going to register to share your details.

You can easily earn rs.300 to rs.1500 per hour through these jobs.

5. Content Creator

Content creation

   Content writing is a great way to monetize your free time. One who has good writing skills can do content writing in leisure time online to make money easily. Content writing is the process of writing, editing, and publishing content in a digital format. one who writes informative and engaging articles can earn awesome pay for their work. Nowadays so many money-making websites offer content writing jobs either full-time or part-time based on your flexibility. you can earn based on your skill-worthiness. Even you earn 4000 per hour based on the article you write.

Best money earn websites for content writing

  3. Pro Blogger
  4. WriterAcess

6. Photographer


    One who is passionate about photography can now earn more money online easily. Usually, a photographer collects money for the photo he clicks, but there are some other ways to enhance the income. Many companies and business owners use artistic photos for their marketing campaigns, advertisements, and websites. A beautiful photo resembles an art form, art lovers will pay money for it if you sell it online. Selling photos online helps you to earn extra cash but the question is where to sell them.

  1. Sell your photo at art galleries
  2. Sell the pictures as greeting cards and postcards
  3. Create a calendar with theme-based photos.
  4. Sell the photos in notebooks and journals.
  5. You can even make your photography website and sell photos there.
  6. Freelancing photography for magazines also creates a good income source with fame. Arts always have value so using creative skills in your photography can enhance the scope of your career and income.

7. Stock Market

Stock market

    The fastest way to become rich is a stock market investment. This investment includes risk but a free online trading guide and learning strategies and techniques help you to get out of the risk. Stocks are the key to long-term wealth. To achieve success with the stock market one must maintain discipline and patience and also need to research to understand the market. always use surplus funds for investing and generate profits by clear observation of risks in the market. Once you start to know the trend of the market you can surely achieve profit in stock market investment.

8. Meesho


     The easiest way to earn money online is to resell products using the app Meesho. Meesho is India’s most trusted marketplace that allows people to resell products through social networks. The product and services available on this platform include accessories, clothing, kitchen organizers, gadgets, and more. Meesho app available in the play store allows anyone to do online business using hit products at the lowest prices. What exactly you have to do is resell mesh products to your contacts through WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram and generate sales. Based on the sales generation your income will rise. So this is the best place for resellers to do online business with zero investment and earn more money. make money selling online products.

9. Sell Old Note

sell old note

    Selling notes is the best way to earn extra money. In day-to-day development, everything is easily available online. Quest Place is a simple marketplace to buy and sell notes. In this competitive world, everyone wants to make things simpler in an easy way. So most people try to buy good note material rather than prepare it. Making effective notes helps you in two ways: to get good grades and to earn extra cash. Handwritten notes are also acceptable on many websites by converting them into pdf. So the first thing to do is to find a website that offers good payment for the notes and upload the notes in pdf format. Some of those websites are Studypool, Nexus notes, Questplace, etc. Make sure that you sell your notes and not copy them to overcome legal issues.

10. Affiliate market

Affliate marketing

If you are a social media person, you can easily make money online through affiliate marketing. It simply refers to promoting any company product or service in return for a commission on the sales you generate. The person who does this work is called an Affiliate. To make money through affiliate Marketing, you should identify a product or service of great importance in the current generation and share the link of the product or service through videos, websites, blogs, etc. You get your commission once a customer starts using your link to buy products or services. For this affiliate marketing, you need to create a website and hosting platforms like Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, etc. Once your website has more viewers you can promote the products and services of another company and earn a decent income easily.

So earning money is easy once you know how to utilize your creative ideas and appropriately spend your free time. Digital India provides so many sources to earn extra money for the one who wants to work online from home. These are the best tips to make money online.

FAQ : Legit Ways To Make Money Online 

How to make money online for beginners?

Earning money online is an easy one using mobile phones and the internet. Few of those ways are Freelance writing, creating blogs, selling old books and creative crafts etc.Using current developments in technology anyone can win money online by being at home.

How to earn money online without investment?

To earn money online without investment all you need is mobile and high speed internet connection.If you have basic skills relevant to computers you can do data entry job online without investment. Nowadays many online sources provide job facilities in either part-time or full-time jobs easily without investment.

How to earn money at home for housewives?

Are you a housewife and still need to earn extra income? Don’t worry if you know cooking. tailoring, crafts use your knowledge to create videos and start a youtube channel to earn money online easily.

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