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How to Download Instagram Stories With Music Into a Gallery

Instagram story saver app is one of the best apps to save stories with music. And easy to use and runs smoothly, the Story Saving app doesn’t need any permission to download a story, just copy the URL of the account profile holder and click on the download button.Directly the story is saved in to the gallery. 

What Are  Instagram Stories and Users?

 Instagram story is the best feature to post photos, and videos with added unique features of filters, trending music, stickers, avatars, gifs, doodles, etc. To create and share a story to close friends and also the public. Instagram stories appear for up to 24 hours. These stories are used also to promote products, businesses, and marketing purposes.

Various Types of Methods to Download  The  Instagram Story With Music. 

You need to save the story after uploading it, you should have to save it within 24 hours until it should disappear. There are 3 methods to save stories with music

  • Using a Third-party application (story saver).
  • Enable Story “archives”
  • Sharing the story as a post. 

Save Instagram Stories With Music by Using Story Saver Application 

 To save Instagram stories by using an application called story,you can use a story saver web page or application for downloading Instagram stories with music.Normally, you cannot directly download stories from Instagram account.But,Story saver helps you to download stories with music with just one click without any interruptions.Your account is public,you can download without login details.Otherwise,account is private you must login first to story with music.

 Steps to  Save Instagram Stories With Music Into The Gallery

 For downloading Instagram stories, we have another option to download stories with music, which is a story saver webpage. The webpage is only meant for account of public.For private account, you must download the app from the Google Play store or Apple App Store for free.Download or save the stories follow these steps:

  • Go to in any browser.
  • The story saver website link appears, then tap on the link.
  • Copy the URL of the Instagram profile holder.
  • Verify the captcha and then click the “download” button.
  • It will allow and show the recently uploaded stories of your account.
  • To download, click “save as video”and the story is saved directly into the gallery. 

Story Archives

Archives are a feature of the Instagram app, posted stories are saved automatically in the archive option. you can enable or disable the archive option, only you can see the archived stories of

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Tap the settings option, then go to Privacy
  • Click on the story.
  • Tap save to Archive option.
  • When, if you upload a story, it will be downloaded automatically in “archives”. 

Sharing as story as the post

Posted stories are shown as highlights on Instagram profiles. Highlights are added automatically to your account and stay forever until you remove them from your Instagram account manually.

  • Search for your posted story.
  • Tap on the three dots in the story option.
  • Then you can highlight it or share it as a post.
  • Instagram allows you to add themed highlights, which allows you to group some stories as a highlight in your account. 

How to download Instagram Story with Music in a gallery on Android mobiles

  • Go to the browser and open the story saver.
  • And go to your story, click on the three dots, and copy the link
  • Paste the link and download.
  • The downloaded story is saved in the gallery. 

How to save Instagram Story with Music in PC/LAPTOPS

  • Open the browser, search for story
  • Browser navigates the story saver link and opens the link
  • In the search box, paste the story URL of the Instagram profile handler and tap the download button
  • The story will be directly saved in the download folder.


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