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Best Online Earning Apps For Students Without Investment 2023

  Nowadays most people are looking for easier ways to earn money without any investment as their pocket money or for other expenses. Here are some ways to get money without any investment online using various apps.

What Are Money Earning Apps?

Money-earning apps are a great method for people to make some extra income easily. These apps have become popular because almost everyone has a smartphone and access to the internet. There are different types of money-earning apps available that cater to different interests and preferences.

Through several ways, one can earn money online by playing games, getting cash-back rewards, giving Product reviews, reselling the products, doing tasks, and doing online surveys.

Types Of Money Earning Apps

Today, there are many types of money-earning apps available on the internet.let see the few types earning money apps.

Survey Apps: These are apps where you can earn money solely by participating in surveys.

Games and Task Apps: These apps allow you to play games, listen to music, use apps, and more while earning money.

Referral Apps: With referral apps, you can earn money by sharing referral links, such as selling products.

Let see some of the ways and apps to earn money without any investment using a smartphone. 

Best Money Earning Apps For Students by Playing Games

              There are many applications to earn money by playing games online that are legalised in India, here are a few we would recommend to use and earn money hassle freely.


App name Rating Installs
Dream11 4.3 50M+
Zupee 3.7 100K+
PlayerzPot 4 100K+
Winzo 3.9 10K+
Paytm’s first games 4.1 500K+


            Dream11 is one of the biggest fantasy game tournaments app as it allows users to play sports like cricket, football, Volleyball, and basketball. Dream11 was founded in 2008 and quickly became recognized as one of India’s most popular online gaming platforms. To win, you must have a perfect XI fantasy player team.

By using sports knowledge and skills, you can create a Fantasy team that will help you to win money.

The Dream11 is a simple game in which the best teams compete. However, the team is formed based on the teams competing in a given match. The user can also win money by participating in live matches. 

2. Zupee     

      Zupee is also one of the best money-earning app for playing games to win real money. The app was founded in 2018 and it is a multiplayer online gaming platform that provides well-known games like Ludo, Carrom, Snakes & Ladders, and Trump Cards that can be played by downloading the app to win real rupee.

       Zupee is easy to play and the user can get rewards in the form of Paytm cash. Zupee is well-known and trusted by many players in the country, which makes it one of the best games for making money online. 

3. PlayerzPot

    In fantasy games, PlayerzPot is the largest online platform to earn money and it was launched in 2015. The PlayerzPot covers fantasy games majorly on sporting events and tournaments ranging from hockey to cricket, and football along with normal games like Carroms, Ludo, Fruit slice, Rummy, and Poker and the player can participate in a quiz. The player has to use their knowledge of the particular sport and analyse what works best to win, just like in any other fantasy league game. The winning money can be withdrawn to the bank account or Via Paytm. 

4. Winzo

   To begin, Winzo is a money-making online gaming platform that offers a variety of games such as Ludo, Carrom, Football, Cricket, Bubble Shooter, and a lot more. Players can play any game they want and earn money for it. If they win, their points will be added to the Winzo wallet after winning in the game. The winnings can then be withdrawn directly from the bank account using popular payment and online wallet apps such as PhonePe, Paytm, and Google Pay. 

5. Paytm’s first games

Paytm is one of the country’s most trusted digital payment and financial service apps. Since its inception in 2010, the app has added different types of services to keep its users engaged. Paytm has also entered the online gaming market through Paytm First Games, owing to the high stakes involved. This platform has over 300 games like ludo, Rummy, Teen Patti, Bike racing, Bubble shooter, 8 ball pool, and Fantasy sports like cricket, kabaddi, football, and so on, and we can earn Paytm cash by playing these games. Furthermore, the Paytm First Games account is linked to the Paytm account which helps to withdraw money to the bank account, UPI, and Paytm wallet.     

Make Money By Reselling The Products

    Currently, there are many popular reselling apps in the market to resell our products to earn money online. Through this, you can earn money without any investment and sell unused household items, Cloth Reselling, Refurbished products, Furniture Reselling, Business Broker, Etc.

              For reselling the products the user have to create an account in which category have to sell and upload a picture of the product, and you will get a call from the buyer to earn money from reselling apps for verification. 

       Here are some of the best earning apps online without investment.

1. Meesho

2. Shopsy

3. Glowroad

4. eBay

5. Quikr  

1. Meesho

      Meesho is the most popular E-commerce platform that sells products at low prices and also we can resell them. It helps small businesses and retailers to do their own online business. The user can get customers as a Meesho reseller by sharing images of the products listed on Meesho like home decor, electronic accessories, households, clothes, etc. If someone expresses an interest, you can book the product on their behalf. Finally, as a reseller, the profit or percentage will be credited to the wallet once the purchase is done. And the wallet cash can be transferred to the given bank account. 

2. Shopsy 

Shopsy is also a best-earning app that wants to provide opportunities for enterprising Indians to start their online businesses with no investment and additional income. Users will be able to share catalogues of different products offered by Flipkart sellers, including Fashion, Beauty, Mobiles, Electronics, and Home, among others, with potential customers.                             

The user can simply register the shopsy account through their phone number and the catalogues can share with customers through social media and messaging apps they will order if they like and the user can deliver to their address and commissions will be credited to their account after delivering to their address. According to the company, the commission percentage will differ depending on the category of products ordered. Through this, the user can earn money without investment. 

3. Glowroad

Glowroad is one more e-commerce money-earning app. Connecting producers with resellers and using drop shipping keeps the products at costs low. It is a Bangalore-based startup, on the other hand, serves as more than an online reseller network. GlowRoad, founded by a former physician, aims to provide homeowners and stay-at-home mothers with a low-risk way to start retail businesses from home.

    To earn money the user has to register as a reseller and select the interests that the user wants to sell on the website and the request has to be accepted by the producer. If the user accepts then you can start promoting by sharing the links through social media and messaging apps. If the order gets and delivers the product to the customer the profit amount will be credited to your account.

4. eBay

   eBay is a multinational company that connects millions of sellers and buyers to this, and it is the first reselling app launched. On eBay, you can earn money by reselling the products like electronics, toys, shoes, sports goods, jewellery, etc. Once the product is delivered to the customer the charges will be deducted, then the remaining profit will be credited to your account. 

5. Quikr

          Quikr has become favoured for earning money for used electronics, furniture, clothing, vehicles, and a variety of other items. It provides quick service and delivers to your door, as the name kept.

             It facilitates the renting and selling of properties, which is an incredible and unparalleled function. It’s a unique option that other reselling apps don’t provide. After selling the order the amount will be credited to the account.  

Earn Real Money From Online Surveys For Students

    It is also a way for earning money by giving reviews, completing tasks, and surveys given by the app 

1. Taskbucks

2. Swagbucks

3. Google Opinion Rewards

4. Pocket Money

5. Roz Dhan 

1. Taskbucks

Taskbucks is the best platform to earn money by performing tasks like viewing videos and ads, completing surveys, sharing opinions, visiting websites, etc. The user can earn more coins by referring friends to download the app. And the user can earn coins for every new user who registers using your code. 

All coins earned with TaskBucks are saved in the wallet. By finishing these tasks a user can redeem the cash via Paytm cash and mobile recharge packs. 

2. Swag Bucks

 Users will earn swag points for completing each activity within the app. It is a quick and easy-to-use experience. Members can earn money every day by playing games, completing surveys, browsing the internet, taking quizzes, watching promotional ads, and reading the latest news. 

The app does not accept cash payments. It provides numerous Amazon, Flipkart, Starbucks, and PayPal gift cards. Users who invite their friends to the app receive an additional 10% lifetime commission. 

3. Google Opinion Rewards

          It is best and trusted by all users that it is part of a paid survey app for earning money online. Users are compensated for completing surveys on the app. After installing the app from the Google Play store, the signup process is simple with a Gmail id. Users are compensated with Google Play Credits. As a result, these Credits can be used to buy games, music albums, movie tickets, online shopping, and other paid apps from the Google Play store. 

             The surveys on this app are generated randomly based on public interest and search popularity. As a result, users assist Google in storing data generated by survey responses. As a result, Google compensates users for their time, effort, and real-world data. 

4. Pocket Money

      Pocket money is an online money-earning app users can win free mobile recharging, pay bills, or can be converted into Paytm cash by doing tasks like finding popular and high-earning offers, watching videos, completing daily tasks, and playing tombola. After participating in the daily tasks, the user will get the points into the Pocket money wallet and the user can recharge their mobiles, pay bills, or can be transferred them into Paytm cash. 

5. Roz Dhan

      When translated from Hindi, the app’s name means Daily Money. It is the country’s genuine and trusted online income app. It has a variety of tasks available in its app interface for users to select based on their ability. Installing and playing games, installing other apps, reading news and updates, completing surveys, inviting friends, participating in various contests, etc. 

Users can access bonus activities regularly through the app by reading daily horoscopes, solving puzzles, and visiting the most used sites are examples of such tasks. As a result, this app offers decent earning opportunities to everyone.

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