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Top Investments in India 2023 | Future Investments

          In recent days everyone is interested to invest their money in different investment sectors. Today, we will discuss top investment ideas in India which will give you higher interest rates and the best results. Before starting investments, one should check the investment clearly for risk, interest rates, expense ratio, exit load, and type of fund (or) interest-related matters. We have so many platforms for the best and easy way to invest. The popular platforms to invest in are Phonepe, Paytm, upstox, Zerodha, Angelone, and others.

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 Best Investment Plan and Options For 2023

1 . Invest in equity

    Here we will purchase shares of different companies via online and offline modes. For online mode, we have some platforms that are called brokerage accounts (or) trading platforms. Trading platforms are divided into two types based on their services they are:

  • Full-service brokers
  • Discount brokers

Full-service brokers provide services like research and advice, tips, recommendations, and much more… But, the charges are higher when compared with discount brokers. This type of platform is advised for those who are new to investments. Some full-service brokers in India are Icici direct, Motilal Oswal, Hdfc securities, Kotak securities, iifl securities, Sbi securities, Axis direct, etc.

Discount brokers take your orders upon which they buy and sell orders and execute them. Finally provides you with all the settlements to your contact information, Check the deductions and charges before choosing any broker. Every broker has its fees But, discount brokers charge you less when compared with full-time brokers.

Offline mode is investing in unlisted companies like startups. You can purchase the shares from employees, promoters, (or) investing in schemes like PMS & AIF they pick unlisted shares.

Risk: There are high-risk and high returns opportunities in these investments. Some stocks raised very drastically and do give good returns to their investors. Companies like bajaj finance, info edge, Pidilite industries, Wipro, Asian paints, hdfc bank, Britannia industries, d-mart, etc., give more than 100% returns to those who are investing from earlier stages. Reliance infrastructure, communications, DHFL, Jet Airways, JP power, PC jewellers, etc., gives almost 0% returns to investors. 

2 . Mutual Funds

   Mutual funds have lower risk than direct equity investments. Mutual Funds give fewer returns when compared with direct equity investments. It has different categories like equity, debt, etc.

  • In the equity category, we have various funds ranging from large-cap, mid-cap, small-cap, and Flexi-cap, along with value, tax-saving, index, focused, multi-cap, sectorial, and dividend yield.
  • Debt contains liquid, low-duration, corporate, banking & PSU, short-duration, and ultra-duration, money market funds.
  • Others- Funds like international funds, super, aggressive hybrid, dynamic asset allocation, equity savings, multi-asset allocation, arbitrage, and gold.

You can invest in two ways one is SIP, and the other is a one-time investment plan of a lumpsum amount. Select any scheme from above based on the risk and reward ratio.

3 . Gold

Investing in gold is one of the best and oldest ideas. One can invest their money in both online and offline modes. For online, we have various schemes like PNG jewellers gold schemes, Kalyan jewellers gold schemes, Malabar gold schemes, prince jewellers gold schemes, PNB gold schemes, ICICI gold schemes, HDFC gold schemes, SBI gold schemes, Revamped gold deposit scheme, RBI sovereign gold bond scheme 2018, Tanishq golden scheme, GRT gold schemes, Bhima jewellery gold schemes, Gold ETF’s, Gold bees.

You can purchase 24karats gold directly from shops it is also a type of investment. The price of 24karats gold in 1964 was Rs.63.25/- per 10grams. Today price of the same is Rs.52,670/- approximately.

4 . Public Provident Fund

PPF is one of the safest investment ideas and was launched by the government of India. It gives 7.1% interest on your investment. The investment amount is a minimum of 500/- to a maximum of 1,50,000/- in a financial year. The tenure period of this scheme is between 15 – 50 years with an option of extension in blocks of 5 years.

This scheme is recommended to those who are planning for their retirement savings.

5 . Post Office Schemes

Everyone knows the post office has different schemes which give guaranteed returns from 4.0% to 7.6% interest. Schemes are national savings recurring deposit account, post office savings account, national savings time deposit, National savings monthly income accountant, senior citizens savings scheme accountant, public provident fund account, sukhanya samriddhi account, National savings certificate, Kisan Vikas Patra, PM cares for children scheme 2021.

Post-office-started mutual fund schemes present UTI mutual funds only are related through the designated post office in the country through NISM/EUINcertified staff.

6 . Fixed Deposits

Fixed deposits are one of the best and most preferred investments offered by banks, post offices, and Non-financial banks, which give a low return on your investments. Fixed deposit interest rates vary from one bank to another, tenure, and type of deposit.

Types of deposits are normal fixed deposits, senior citizen fixed deposits, NRI fixed deposits, tax-savings fixed deposits, Flexi fixed deposits, and cumulative/non-cumulative fixed deposits. The interest for general citizens is a minimum of 2.25% to a maximum of 7% & 2.75% to 7.50% for senior citizens.

7 . Recurring Deposits

Recurring deposits are also available in banks, and post-office, where we can invest money monthly. The tenure period of RD’s can range from 6 months to 10 years. The minimum investment amount can be as small as Rs.10/- and interest rates vary from bank to bank. The interest for general citizens is a minimum of 2.75% to a maximum of 7.25% & 2.75% to 7.65% for senior citizens.

8 . Sweep-in FD

It is for a short-term investment plan, which gives you fixed deposit interest rates on your money saved in the savings account. One can withdraw funds without any charges at any time. This sweep-in FD feature is available in almost all banks. For more information, visit your bank account branch. You get this offer by converting the savings account to a sweep-in FD account.

NOTE: The interest rate, tenure period, and Schemes will change every time. Read and check all the scheme-related documents before going for any investments. The higher-risk investment will give you higher returns and sometimes becomes zero.


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