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How to Make Fast Money | A Lot of Money Lots of Money


These days people are looking for quick earnings in different ways because of an increase in their daily expenditures. Some are looking to save those earnings by doing it as a part-time job or by side hustles.

Earn quick money  

Here are some strategies and side Hustles for you to earn money quickly. These tips reduce expenses and raise your savings and build emergency funds.  

1. Selling gift cards

      Gift cards are an option for quick earning. Some sites or companies that produce the products or marts will provide gift cards when you buy their products. Through this, you can use that gift cards (or) sell them to others by sharing the details of the gift cards. 

2. Rent out a room Or house

         If you have a house (or) rooms on your own, you can give them for rent based on days or months. Even if it is a villa or guest house, you can give it to parties and functions. Before giving rentals, you have to know the local ordinances for short-term rentals. So, in these ways, one can get decent earnings through rentals.          

These days people are searching online for rental houses (or) rooms in different places. So we’re sharing some sites that show rental houses (or) rooms from different locations.  



3. flatmate.in

4. Magic Bricks

5. Nestaway              

You can register for free and have to upload images of rooms with a kitchen, washrooms, etc., and you have to provide the details to contact. Once the booking is done by the above-listed applications, the amount will be directly credited to your linked bank account within 24 hours after the guest will check-in. The commission will be charged by the application depending on their terms and conditions, which is basically 3% – 4% of the principal amount.  

3. Become a rideshare Or delivery partner

These are jobs that you can earn part-time every day or on weekends by using your vehicle and fuel through the pooling applications delivering the food and posts, and sharing your ride when you are going alone and getting the fare to it. As pooling or rideshare, you can use a car or bike to get the rides by using applications like: 

1. Ola Cabs

2. Uber

3. Rapido

4. Quick ride                

You can also earn by delivering food or posts from different places to other places. To do this, you have to need a bike by using. You can deliver the food or post and earn up to 150 rupees per hour based on delivery. Some of the delivery applications for you 

1. Zomato

2. Swiggy

3. Porter

4. Uber Eats

5. Eat sure

6. DunzoDunz 

4. Using credit cards

Many banks and online shopping sites provide credit cards if your account is maintained well. They will provide the money for you in advance with certain limits and charges with different interest rates monthly.            

The banks will charge you 2.5% to 3.5% per month for your usage of a card when you are paying back. Credit cards also provide you with a wide range of discounts along with rewards that you can redeem and save money. 

5. Getting Payroll or salary Advance

If you are an employee in the company, you can get your salary in advance of below 50% of your salary without any charges, and it gets you at the time of essential times. And the remaining amount of your salary will be credited on time. Some of the companies will provide loans with low-cost interest in times of crisis.  

6. Day-to-day earnings

Day-to-day earnings are the easiest way to earn money. You can earn money the day that you work or your job daily. You can earn offline that some of the small marts Or local shops will pay you on a daily work basis. 

Even you can earn through part-time Or full-time jobs. And you can earn by delivering food or posts through the delivery sites.  

7. Sell DIY Crafts and old stuff

It is a way to earn by selling DIY Crafts that are made by you and selling online. DIY Crafts means Do It Yourself products that are prepared with waste materials that are available at home, and you can sell them online with the help of social media and shopping applications. And you can sell your unused products that are in your house to earn extra cash. These sites that help you to sell products are 

        1. Olx

        2. cashify

        3. quikr

        4. Flipkart

        5. amazon

 8. Take a personal loan

        If you want money in large amounts, you have to take personal loans to ensure that there are lenders that provide money on time and take a high interest. To take these loans from lenders, they will ask you for minimal agreement. For the less interest rate, you have to search for a lender that provides quick cash with less interest. Mostly personal loan Interest starts from 2% and is based on loans, and you have to pay back more than the loan you have taken.   



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